Humble Beginnings…

Taco Burger® was founded way back in 2016 in Perth, Australia and inspired by the idea that people love to eat Tacos – but they are too messy to eat while on-the-go.
Our Creator and Founder, Darren Faulkner has always had a love for food, especially Quick Service Restaurants and Casual Dining experiences and with two decades of experience in the QSR Industry he developed the Taco Burger concept to bring his idea to life.
Darren is especially fascinated with the high intensity and operating systems in the QSR Industry – having experience from all points of view – as staff, management and then a Franchisee in some of the world’s largest and most recognised brands. Darren harvested all of his experiences to create an innovative brand and flavoursome experience.
Taco Burger® is now creating a revolution in how people both eat and enjoy Mexican food.
We’re happy to say, Taco Burger IS different. Awesome tasting food, freshly pressed burger patties daily, coupled with convenience, modern technology and a unique, proprietary flavour profile.


  • Unique and Original totally Branded concept
  • Takes advantage of the largest market (Burger) and fastest growing (Mexican) worth a whopping combined total of $129B per year (U.S. Market)
  • Multiple Profit Channels from one location
  • Numerous concepts allow for several formats and flexibility, including Delivery, Drive Thru, Restaurant, Strip Mall and Kiosk or a combination of these
  • Technology driven ordering and reach opportunities (ie. App proximity alerts)
  • Hands on support from LICENSOR
  • Proprietary Taco Burger recipes and processes unique to Taco Burger


At Taco Burger® we pride ourselves on doing things differently…in other words, we tend to be innovative in everything we do…including our growth.
We know we have an awesome and unique product and we want the right people to be part of the FOUNDATION of our success.
Taco Burger® is seeking power players in the QSR/fast casual dining sector with an established portfolio that are looking to rocket their growth in the geographical area of existing operations – and beyond.
Taco Burger’s focus is to collaborate with a select group of industry visionaries with a track record of building successful multi-unit restaurant organizations that possess strong business acumen, world-class operating talent, and substantial capital resources.


Taco Burger is not just another ‘run-of-the-mill’ burger, nor is it just a Taco either, it is a unique blend of all things that make those foods great, like our customers. Our patties are combined with our special seasoning and pressed fresh in-store, making them flavorsome, juicy, airy and above all…tasty. Not limited by tradition, our guests are excited by our vibrant décor and funky food offerings, which is always served with genuine enthusiasm by our energetic team members.


Partnership Territories are now available in the United States, for experienced operators who already have an established track record of Multi Unit or Multi Brand operations, with $2M+ liquid assets and a solid operational structure in place that can support Taco Burger Development Agreements & Expansion plans. You must also have an uncompromising passion for the brand and enthusiasm for rapid growth.



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We would like to get to know you like part of our Famila and discuss the future.

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